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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

City Life

Ever since I moved to a small city in Pennsylvania, I have always been intrigued by the habits and movements of my neighbors. Trampolines seem to occupy almost every yard and it is easy to imagine the children jumping from one to another, bounding over fences and visiting every house in the neighborhood. I enjoy seeing the older crowd sitting on their front porches, waiting for the world to go by as they lounge. This is especially true for the house across the street, where I think the little old lady in the rocking chair is slightly out of her mind.

The thing that amazed me most, however, occurred during my first summer here. I heard annoying, distorted music floating through the surrounding streets. In mid-June, Christmas music was trying to enter my ear drums! Soon enough, around the corner came a plain white van. With no visible speaker, signs, or any other way to distinguish it from a work van, it was like a wheeled music box. Suddenly, all the children went running as fast as their little legs could carry them, running in front of the ridiculously slow-moving vehicle. I was confused! Why would these parents let their children run off like that to a strange, unmarked van? Then, the top of the side door swung to the side, displaying a menu full of cold treats. It was the legendary ice-cream truck!
Living in a rural area until I moved to this city, I had never seen an ice-cream truck in real life. I thought they were a legend of days past, when the world seemed a bit safer and smaller. I had no idea that they still existed, let alone roamed the streets of my new home. I was absolutely fascinated from that moment, and I still enjoy listening to the slightly-creepy music every summer. I never seem to have any cash on me when I have a chance to buy from the truck myself, so I still haven't experienced that, but part of me doesn't want to. For me, the truck still has that magical quality that it would have for a child, and I don't want to ruin that by finding out that ice-cream truck goodies are no better than their store-bought counterparts. I just enjoy watching my dream drive by.

Have you ever had a similar experience, where moving to or visiting a new area revealed something to you?

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