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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bad Days?

I was reading one of the blog posts that I subscribe to today, and I came across an interview on The Write Practice blog. The blogger, Joe Bunting, had interviewed author, professional speaker, and entrepreneur Joanna Penn (check it out here: As I was reading about how she avoids distractions and schedules her life to include writing, I came across this passage:

"What’s the worst writing day you’ve ever had?"
"I don’t really get this question as I don’t have bad writing days. There are days when I don’t write at all, but they are more like rest daysThere are days when I write a few thousand words and none of it goes into the book, but those are like practice days, and they definitely happen to everyone. There are days when writing is hard, but this is my living so I just get on with it!"
I was so shocked when I read this interview answer, my jaw dropped, quite literally. I have never heard anyone respond in such a way. I had never thought of anything like that, myself. And I most certainly had never heard a writer describe their 'bad' days like that. But, I knew as soon as I read these lines, that they were absolutely the best way to look at writing and at life. I find them inspirational, and I couldn't resist sharing them with you in order to pass that inspiration along.

Now, my question is, do you agree with this author? Or do you have another way to look at it? Please share your opinion!

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