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Saturday, February 2, 2013

TABAKA Release

On February 1st, the newest EmotoSingle from Grit City Publications, TABAKA, came to life! This horror short story takes on the tale of a woman taken over by a spirit. The spirit, Tabaka, is able to give her everything she has dreamed of...except one thing. Struggling to come to terms with her new life, Sarah Dayer must figure out how to proceed from here.

The official synopsis:
"For years, Sarah Dayer endured physical and mental abuse from a hard-charging drunk of a fiancĂ© in a sleepy Ohio town. In a moment of self-preservation, she made the drastic decision to flee the only life she’d ever known, despite her fiance’s promise to kill her if she ever returned. After reinventing herself as an ER nurse, an unwelcome horror threatens to destroy her new life.

"On her way to work, Sarah witnesses a bloody highway accident. While using her medical skills to assist a young pregnant woman pinned by her malfunctioning seatbelt, an overbearing metaphysical force implants itself in Sarah’s body. What begins as a blessing of irresistible sex appeal and the ability to perform medical miracles soon turns into a struggle of control for Sarah’s very existence.

"In this Emotobook single of self-discovery, fate, and personal sacrifice, TABAKA takes the reader on an emotional journey of impossible mental trials, moral decisions, and honorable heroics."

To check it out for yourself, check out the official page for TABAKA.

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