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Freelance Editing Services

If you are here, that means you have a passion. You love the emotional thrill of writing and have plunged into creating your own magical story. You are giving bodies to the characters in your head and you can feel the fire in your fingers as you bring them to life. Sometimes you write with such fervor that you wonder at how fast the ideas came into your head and slammed onto the paper. Before you really know that you have begun, you realize that you will need an editor to help improve your piece. Now that you have written such a wonderful project that you know will change the reader's life, if only for a moment, you need to make sure it is perfect. There can be no punctuation errors, your facts all have to line up, and your story needs to be consistent.

That's where I come in. Your passion is writing; mine is editing. My name is Rebecca Burruss. I am a freelance editor, both for independent authors and for Grit City Publications. I started correcting my mother's grammar and spelling when I learned the concepts and I've been thrilled by proofreading and developmental work ever since.

I enjoy working with fiction of any length, from flash stories to novels, and nonfiction pieces, including handbooks. I am more than happy to work on a project that is in any stage of completion, so it doesn't matter if you have just finished the first chapter or have reached "The End." I am also able to adjust to your specific needs, doing everything from basic copyediting to intense developmental editing.

My pricing scale is as follows:
Up to 5 pages - $10
Up to 25 pages - $40
Up to 50 pages - $75
Up to 100 pages - $125
Up to 200 pages - $240
200 pages and up - $360

Developmental Editing

Up to 5 pages - $30
Up to 25 pages - $125
Up to 50 pages - $225
Up to 100 pages - $425
Up to 200 pages - $825
200 pages and up - $1,200

A specific due date can be requested.

If you would like to preview my editing work, please check out the Grit City Publications handbooks, the Financial Success for Creative Professionals marketing plan handbook, or Scott McKenzie's holiday short story A Gitmo Nation Christmas Carol.

When you are ready to begin your journey down the editing road or would like more information, please email me at I look forward to working with you!


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