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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Computer Issues and TABAKA

Well, when I got my computer back, I did some updating, cleaning up, and resetting. I think I may have solved the issue! I haven't seen the dreaded blue screen since I got my laptop back. Victory! (Now let's just hope that I haven't jinxed myself).

In just a few short weeks, the newest short story from Grit City Publications (@Emotobooks) will be making it's big debut. Entitled "Tabaka," this EmotoSingle is written by the brilliant and enthusiastic Jason Bryant (@Jason_D_Bryant). I have had an absolute blast working with this author! He has an incredible wit, genuinely enjoys his craft, and has an intense desire to learn anything and everything he can. It is being illustrated by Darcy Babines (@deadartssociety), who is a new illustrator for Grit City. This is her first rodeo, so to speak, and she is doing a fantastic job! Her artwork is spot-on and greatly amplifies the emotions already strongly presented in the manuscript.

Now, you may be wondering, what IS Tabaka about?
For years, Sarah Dayer had been locked in an abusive relationship. Living with her fiancé in a small town in Ohio, Sarah finally escaped his violent outbursts and mental battering by running across the country to Arizona. She reinvented herself and her life, going back to school to become a nurse and eventually working in the local ER. Now, an unexpected new nightmare is about to catch up with Sarah Dayer. She will need to return to her past in order to change her present.
This excellent EmotoSingle horror will keep you locked to the edge of your seat. You will squirm, you will gasp, and you will smirk. You will ache with Sarah as she recalls her regrets, past and present. You will root for her as you follow her journey across the miles to reclaim her life. Are you ready for this emotional experience?
Prepare yourself, because it's coming!

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