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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I'm Back!

Hello everyone! After over a month and a half of having no Internet service at my apartment, I am finally back online. It was an interesting journey, to say the least.

First, my downstairs neighbor (each apartment is one story of a house) moved out on August 1st. We had shared her wireless, which wasn't supposed to get shut off until the 15th. Needless to say, it got cut off early, and we were suddenly without access to the Internet two weeks before we had expected. It took a couple days for my fiance to decide what level we could afford and to buy our own router.
Next, I called to set up the appointment. Much to my surprise, they had an appointment available in a week, which meant we would be hooked up within the first two weeks of August. However, when the technician arrived, we found out we needed access to the basement. I called Mrs. Landlord, only to find out that Mr. Landlord had the keys and he was over an hour away. Reschedule #1!
Skip forward two weeks to the next appointment (at this point, we have been without Internet for a month). Mrs. Landlord shows up with the keys to the basement and all is fine and dandy. Until the technician decides he needs access to the attic too, which is locked. Mrs. and Mr. Landlord have no idea where the key is. Reschedule #2!
Skip forward another two weeks, to September 11th (no Internet for 6 weeks). Mr. Landlord unlocked the attic the day before and Mrs. Landlord shows up with the keys to the basement. Finally, everything goes as planned and we are readmitted into the digital world. Third time is a charm, I guess!

I have been online periodically by using the WiFi at the McDonald's in Walmart after work and by taking my laptop over to a friend's house, but those visits only lasted long enough to do the essentials (checking email and paying bills). Now, I am glad to be able to access the Internet whenever I please and to be able to recommit myself to this blog and for encouraging submissions of popular fiction for Grit City Publications. While I never stopped editing for GCP, I wasn't able to communicate with authors, which I missed a lot. I always enjoy chatting with writers, illustrators, and other editors, so please feel free to reach out and get in touch! I'm excited to jump back into the world of genre fiction and produce more awesome works that are perfect for your to-work commute, sitting on the lawn between classes, or relaxing before bed. Hello again!

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