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Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Writer's Vending Machine

These should be everywhere!

It would be very convenient to have these machines in every area you write. The library, the bench at the mall, the middle of the forest, your living room. They could also be situated at every street corner, in the airport, and at every restaurant, so that when an idea pops in your head you have the resources to write it down. Whenever inspiration hits, these machines should be ready and waiting.

Unfortunately, that is not the way that the world works. Instead, you have to carry these resources with you. If you want to be a writer, it is a good idea to keep spare sheets of paper or a notebook on your person all the time. You should also have your favorite writing utensil, whether that is a pen, pencil, or marker. That way, when something brilliant slaps you across the face, you can be sure you will catch it.


  1. I carry a small pocket notebook and a mechanical pencil with me everywhere. It's a holdout to my younger days - I don't use it much anymore since I always have my Droid with me with the Evernote app.

    I suppose I still carry paper and pencil just in case the battery on the phone dies. ;-)

    1. You never know when your cell phone could die or malfunction. It's like any other computer: great when it works well, but frustrating when it fails! It's always good to have a backup available. Thanks for sharing!

      Thanks for reading! I strive to post daily (and so far am succeeding!) so check back often for more writing tips.

  2. Saw one of these vending machines myself for the first time today.