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Monday, March 5, 2012

Human Emotions and Writing

make your words do this to your reader

This holds true for both writers and readers.

As a writer, you want your words to reach out to your audience. You want them to get caught up in your ideas and become absorbed in your scenes. You want them to feel emotions as strongly as your characters and taste, smell, hear, and feel the elements of your writing. Your words, sentences, and punctuation should allow your readers to forget they are reading and believe they are actually part of the story. The focus should be taken away from your style of writing and instead be put on the action, dialogue, and feelings within the story itself. Let the physical disappear in the face of the tale you are telling.

As a reader, you want to let yourself go. Be open to the possibility of leaving all your current situations behind. Allow the story to unfold before you and dive right in. The world presented in front of you will become your own world and will replace your emotions, worries, and concerns. If you do this, you might find the answers to your own problems and inspiration to improve your own life. If you are a writer as well as a reader, you can learn the tips and tricks for doing the same to your own readership. It can also allow you to gain ideas for the next step in your own writing process. The best way to improve your writing style (besides writing as often as possible, of course) is to study the work of the writers you admire.


  1. Rebecca, it definitely helps to read books we enjoy and see what works in storytelling.

  2. Your last sentence struck me hard, simply because it was only because I was studying the authors I love that I discovered what was wrong with my WIP at the moment. Thanks for some great ideas, Rebecca. :D