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Monday, March 12, 2012

"Retired" Writers

(I apologize for not posting yesterday. Daylight savings time really threw me off track!)

There is one thing that really inspires me lately: older men and women that are still writing, editing, and publishing their work. Now, I don't mean that negatively or condescendingly. I just genuinely admire them for their hard effort and for continuing to let their creativity fuel them. While many people their age are enjoying retirement by sitting around on their butts, watching the grass grow, and going to the lodge (nothing wrong with that!), these people are hunched over their desks, pen in hand, struggling to find the right words to get their creative ideas down on paper.

I hope that one day, when I am old and gray (or white or bald), I have the motivation and determination to keep doing what I love. That I will have the willpower and the strength to write a story or novel; to go back through the rounds of edits, proofreading, deleting, and adding; to submit to and work with a publisher; and to help promote that book. It's a lot of work for a retired person, and I admire them for refusing to let their age deter them from writing.

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  1. I have a unique opportunity to work with older writers and they are fascinating. But they have taught me the most important thing about being a writer is never losing the desire to learn. There are some I've worked with who think their work is good as it is, they don't want to learn new skills in storytelling or story craft. And its sad to see, but that's why I work with them. To hopefully change that mindset. Great blog, I hope to send in a guest post in the next week! Ciao!