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Saturday, March 31, 2012

They call me Slim Shady...

I'm back! I'm back!

After a two-week unexpected and unplanned hiatus from all things social media (Twitter, my blog, etc.) I am now back online!
Through my personal retreat, I got my newly hectic life in order and think I am finally going to be able to balance my extensive work life with my personal life and online life. Which is great news, because I have missed all of my followers and friends on the Internet! I am looking forward to starting again with a renewed energy and focus on what my top priorities are. I can't wait to reconnect with some good friends and to meet new people, every day!

On a completely different note, Grit City Publications new catalog comes out tomorrow (yay!), with titles that cover almost every taste. If you like to read romance, sci-fi, thriller, fantasy, or suspense, then you need to check out the newest emotobook selections! There are EmotoSingles and EmotoSerials, so there is something to fit any attention span. While B&N and Apple haven't quite got on the ball with these titles as I'm posting this, they will be getting on the bandwagon very soon! For now, you can always purchase Swing Zone by , Lingering in the Woods, and/or Suburbians from the Grit City website, Amazon, or Smashwords. I will post the links for each emotobook below. Enjoy!

Swing Zone by Jodi McClure (author), Alexis Jenny (editor), and Zach Revale (illustrator):

Lingering in the Woods by Cynthia Ravinski (author), Alexis Jenny (editor), and Loran Skinkis (illustrator):

Suburbians by William Kosh (author), Rebecca Hoffman (editor), and Loran Skinkis (illustrator):
(Yes, that is my name beside editor. I'm so excited!)

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  1. Hey girl! Congratulations on the promotion, and welcome back to the virtual world! :-)