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Monday, April 16, 2012

A to Z Challenge: N

N is for...Naked vs. Nude.

In case you were wondering where this topic came from, I was watching Calendar Girls the other day. This idea has stuck in my head for awhile, and I would enjoy hearing from others about it.

In the movie (and in my own opinion), naked is akin to the dirty kind of being undressed. Something filthy, improper, and to be avoided. Something that a lady with some self-respect would never do.

On the other hand, nude is more acceptable. It's artistic, beautiful, and natural. It's something that is delicate and should be enjoyed by proper, respectable people.

Some examples of being naked:
Streaking down the street because you lost a bet.
Taking off your clothes for a man you met at a pub.
Tanning topless around a group of horny men.
Being photographed for a trashy magazine.

Some examples of being nude:
Slowly stripping for your husband of many years.
Posing for a sculpture to be featured in a museum.
Being photographed for an otherwise classy calendar.
Keeping the bits covered that only your significant other should see.

So, I want to know your thoughts: Is there a difference between being naked and being nude? Are there any situations that could be both classy and trashy, thus covering both definitions?
Is there a way to respectably show your skin in public? Or is any situation just dirty and unacceptable?
What do you think?


  1. If a wife says "Let's get naked!" to her husband, with a devilish grin on her face, does that mean the wife has no self respect, or she is just feeling trashy at the moment?

    Now if she says "Let's get nude!" to her husband with that same devilish grin, is that more respectful?

    I'd say the husband is going to ignore the semantics and rely on the nonverbal communication. The reason? Men are just trashy - period! HA

    1. I see your point! I never thought of it in that context, just in general terms. Thanks for the input!

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