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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A to Z Challenge: O

O is for...Office. I'm talking about your home office, your creative space, your working area. Anywhere that you sit down to write, wherever you get your inspiration, and where you can really let your imagination run wild. This doesn't mean you have to be sitting at a desk in a room in the corner of the house, with papers strewn in front of you, a desk lamp lighting your space, and demanding absolute silence. In fact, for most people, having an office like this is rather counterproductive.

The kind of office I am talking about is the one where you can really get your brain cells firing up. If you live in the city, you might ride on the subway for an hour and observe all the people while enjoying the rocking motion of the train. If you live in the suburbs, it might be a trip to the local library to surround yourself with the greatest authors of previous centuries and immerse yourself in the heavy silence of literature. If you live in a rural area, you might take a walk to the middle of a forest and sit by a gently rolling creek, listening to the birds chirp and the squirrels scurry about.

The point is, no matter where you work, you have to make the space work for you. The environment must spur on your creativity and allow you to think clearly enough to record your thoughts. You have to enjoy the setting and really be able to relax. If you do have a "home office," then that's great, if it works for you. You just have to make sure that you pick the best area for you and your writing needs.

If you are a new writer, or if you have recently moved, or have found that the place you used to write at just isn't doing it for you anymore, then it's time to move on to picking a new spot. Don't be afraid to experiment and go somewhere you normally wouldn't. If you hate to shop, don't count out the possibility of people-watching at the mall. Keep your options and refuse to get frustrated. You just have to remember to keep looking, because the perfect office is out there.

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