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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A to Z Challenge: T

T is for...The Write Practice! (Yep, I'm cheating and using "the" as the "t" word...but it's part of the official title of the blog, so it counts).

This blog is a great resource for an aspiring or established writer, or pretty much anyone who needs to get their creative writing juices flowing. Each short entry discusses a topic, situation, or happening. At the end of every post is a prompt that relates to the preceding article.

This is an invaluable and unique because, unlike websites that just list a bunch of individual prompts, this gives you a background to push off from. Readers are also encouraged to leave their response to the prompts in a comment on the post, so there is invaluable information being exchanged between not only the blogger and the reader, but between the readers themselves. This leads to an endless amount of creative ideas that can be used to get that next great story started.

If you haven't visited this blog, go there and subscribe now to start benefiting from this endless supply of knowledge!

P.S. No, this is not a commissioned post. The Write practice had absolutely no direct influence in the writing of this post. I just really benefit from the posts and thought I would share!


  1. Don't lie. You know I gave you $1M dollars to post this. Sorry that check bounced though. I'll get you a new one ;)

    Thanks for this, though, Rebecca. I'm so glad you find The Write Practice helpful :)

    1. Well, to cover for my pain and suffering from having that check bounce, the fee has been bumped up to $1.5M. Better pay up! =P

      And it is my pleasure! I always enjoy showing support for blogs that deserve it.