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Saturday, April 28, 2012

A to Z Challenge: X

X is for...X-ray photography. Lately, there has been a photo circulating on the social networks in support of gay rights. It is an x-ray shot of the skulls of two people kissing, and brags that you can't tell what sex, gender, or race the two people belong to. While I am sure some scientists and doctors could look at the photo and tell you in several seconds many details about these people, it still gave me an interesting idea.

For today, I want to give you a unique writing prompt. Go to Google Images and search for x-ray photography. Pick one or several of the images that come up and write a story about what is being x-rayed. If it is a person, speculate on who they are, what they look like, and what they do with their life. If it is an animal, guess what kind, where they live, and what they were doing right before and after the photo was taken. If it is a plant, talk about the unique structure of the plant and the inner beauty that the x-ray reveals.

To give you a head start, I will share some pictures that I found interesting:

If you would be so kind, I would love to read your response to this prompt in the comments. Enjoy!


  1. The photo is here:

    Here is the backstory:

    It was the best purchase ever, something she'd wanted ever since she was a little girl and took bath's at her grandmother's house. Even at 5/ 9" tall, she fit in the tub. Covered in bubbles, water as hot as she could stand it, she soaked away the troubles of the day. "Calgon, take me away," she thought as she let the hot water soak her sore, stressed muscles.

    And what a day it had been. First was spilling coffee on her only clean blouse that went with her only clean suit. Second had been the traffic accident that made her twenty minutes late for work...again. Third was the client who had changed her mind for the 100th time, deciding her wedding colors should be pink and purple, not red and blue. The final straw was her boss telling her she would need to let her assistant go or take a 20% pay cut.

    She smiled as she thought about the email that had arrived just after she got home. Her loan was approved. On Monday, she and her assistant would give their notice and in two weeks they'd open their own event planning business.

    1. I love the story! The ending made me smile. Thank you for sharing and for participating!