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Saturday, May 5, 2012


Awhile ago, I was reading a post on Norma-Jean Marie's blog, "INSPIRATION… It’s out there ~~~ Go get it!" ( She writes about how inspiration is never unattainable. You just have to be open to it. I know, I know, this little tidbit is getting old, but she put a new twist on it and really inspired me to think on the subject a bit more.

For every writer, the source of inspiration is different and unique. It can also be very elusive at times. Sometimes, the writing gods are merciful and allow a wonderful idea to hit you, right when you are sitting down to write. You have an instant lead on a good storyline and the words flow right out of your fingertips. Whether that means the clicking of a keyboard or the scratch of paper is completely up to you personal preference.

However, sometimes life isn't that easy. You sit and stare at a blank page. Maybe you write a few lines, then lose focus and scrap it. Maybe you are hit by an idea but are at a loss on how to expand it. In these cases, you need to reach out and look for something to inspire you. While sitting and waiting for your "muse" to bash you over the head with a topic is certainly tempting, it isn't practical. If you do this, you are cheating yourself as a writer. The best way, in my opinion, to better your skills is to keep writing. Even if it's so awful you would never let another human being even know it existed, even if it makes no sense, you are still working on your own style and getting the creative juices flowing.

If you really, honestly cannot think of a single thing to write about, then you need to stop focusing on writing itself and focus on the world around you. Use your life and the lives of others to build a story from. If you look outside the window and see a squirrel on a power line, write about the life of that squirrel and where its life could go from here. If you are the horror type, try writing about it trying to cross the road, dodging cars and being terrified by the headlights. If you are the romantic type, think about the female squirrel waiting for the male squirrel to come back to her and their babies. I know, this sounds really odd, but it could lead you to something bigger and better! When you give it a chance, you never know where your mind will take you.

What I'm trying to say is that anything, even the most mundane of scenes or actions or places, can be your inspiration. Try to look at the bland in a new way and twist it into something that you would never expect. Don't sit and wait for inspiration to hit you in the head; reach out with the fingers of your mind and snatch it!

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