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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Pain of Writing and Reading

I was recently reading a post on the Drippings from the Mind of Me blog (link at the bottom of this post) about the pain involved in writing and in reading. The blogger claims that the act of finishing a project can leave you feeling abandoned and hurt, but eager to move on. The blogger also claims that finishing the reading of a novel can feel like when a lover runs off with someone else.

Though I agree on some level, I don't know if I would take it quite that far. I think it feels more like the ending of a great day. Your trip to the zoo is over, though you wish you could spend all day watching the hyena cubs playing. Your walk is ending as the sun sets, though you wish you can keep walking until work the next morning. A great experience you had, something that made you feel happy and exhilarated and breathed new life into you, has come to a close. It doesn't change the fact that you enjoyed the day, but you are disappointed that it is over.

Now, tell me, which view do you agree with? Or, if you disagree, how do you feel when you finish a first draft or finally turn the last page of a novel?

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