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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Some Calvin Advice for Writers

I don't believe in writing blocks, but this one would crush a keyboard quite handily.

Sorry, I know the image is a bit blurry, but its the best one I could find.

Anyway, I thought this cartoon was absolutely adorable. As writers, many of us believe in writer's block and talk about it when inspiration alludes us. It is looked at as a wall that erects itself between our fingers and our brain, a divider stuck between our ideas and our consciousness, or a steel cage that traps our creativity. It is seen as something that cannot be broken down. It is a fact of a writer's life and ruins your goal for the day.

However, this cartoon turns that idea on its head. Instead of being something that is insurmountable, writer's block becomes something physical that you can deal with. It can no longer control your fingers. You can choose to lift it and continue on with your writing. While I know it is not this easy to do, it is still possible. Shift your focus away from your big project and write a mini-story about something else. Read a book that inspires and drives you, maybe one that gave you the idea to become a writer in the first place. Keep your mind off your writer's block and on something else, and when you come back to your novel or other project, don't focus on the trouble you had before. Come at it with a blank slate and let your fresh perspective guide you to greatness.

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