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Monday, May 21, 2012

Motivation Extermination

This year, in western Pennsylvania, summer has come in with a hard hit. We had a mild winter, followed by an up-and-down spring, and now summer is being ruthless. High temperatures with high humidity. It feels like we never got to ease into these high temps with some middle-of-the-road weather.

The reason I bring this up is because I love going outside. I especially love taking walks in the local state parks and generally enjoying the sun and the fresh air. However, this year, it is hard to convince myself that the heat is worth it. Because I didn't get to gradually get used to it, as I did in past years, this heat seams overbearing. On top of that, the air conditioning in my car doesn't work, so I don't have that cool-down environment to look forward to after enduring the stifling heat for the sake of taking a walk.

I guess this just highlights a bigger problem in my life right now. My motivation has, for the most part, taken a nose dive. I used to have so much energy. On my days off from work, I would clean the house, go for an hours-long walk outside, and still have the time and energy to work on creating and writing. Now, I have enough energy to perform at my full-time retail job and to do my editing work for Grit City Publications, but that's it. My clean laundry is currently sitting on the floor, waiting to be folded; my dirty dishes are piled in the sink; and my carpet could use a good vacuuming. I have been trying to convince myself for several hours to go take a walk while my night-shift fiance is sleeping, but I keep laying on the couch. Where has all my motivation and my determination gone?

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